Monday, February 25, 2013

UFO Camp - 2013 - Laughlin, NV

This past weekend was some kinda fun!!!  Kim Pebley from Havasu Quilts along with Jeanette Kennedy from Sew What  put on a UFO Camp this past weekend at the River Palms Resort in Laughlin, NV.  Let me just say it was TOO MUCH FUN.

There were 70+ women with sewing machines, projects, and snacks a-plenty all spread out over 4 joined meeting rooms.  The BEST quilting camp I've been to yet.

Cleverly, Kim organized a "room hop" with 6 different individuals and their select quilting groups.  On Friday night, we were given the room numbers and our designated arrival times for each room.  There was 50s Sock Hop, the Hospice Hotties of Havasu, Quilting Queens Timex 6 (or Q2X6), Stop by for a Shot (ahhh, yeah - Jell-o Shooters, baby!), UFOs and Happy Easter.  These girls cleverly decorated their rooms by theme, provided each of us a sheet for the mystery quilt project along with tasty snacks, wonderful gifts and great hospitality.  On Sunday Kim provided the final piece we needed for our mystery quilt instructions....Kudos to all the girls for the time and effort they integrated into their Room Hop rooms!!

Just to show you how clever these girls were, here are a couple of snaps of Q2X6 room with the cutest wall hangings strewn throughout the room:

Unfortunately, I didn't get out my smart phone to take snaps in the other rooms.  Obviously I'm not as smart as my phone....but, of course, now all the innocent and guilty are protected!!

Here is a view on Friday night from our 21st floor room at the River Palms Resort on the Colorado river:
Here are the projects I completed at Camp:

Quilt as You Go style tote bag for my laptop

Small sampling of my 96 one-block-wonder blocks (thank you Jo W.)
And finally, just before dawn on Sunday morning a snap taken from our room.  Most of us stayed until 2PM and continued sewing on our various projects:
 Suffice it to say, we all had a wonderful time AND completed some UFO projects.  And a big thank you and Happy Birthday to my roomie, Margie!  And of course, all my Stitchin' Sistas - Jo, Linda, Helene, Kornelia, Pandi, Jackie, Connie K., Sharon T., Sharon H., Vicki, Barb, Sharon F., Bonnie and Judy - all from Kingman Quilters Guild!!

Stitch on, Sistas -till next camp!!!