Saturday, January 19, 2013

I {heart} Spring!!

We just went through a cold snap here in northern Arizona that just about froze me out!  The low here was 11 degrees (Fahrenheit, yes I said Fahrenheit) with a feels like temp of 0 (zero) degrees!!!  Hello!!! What's that all about??  That said, I needed a huge blog change....something springy!!  Makes me feel better.

Anyway, we're back in the cool, calm 40-50 degree weather during the day, but I'm just aching for Spring!  I have been working on a number of projects.  With Valentine's Day just around the corner, I wanted to create some sweet little Dumplings and put a few Lindt Truffles inside each one for my  family and friends. 

Now, how cute are those?  I've put my cool little Fort Worth Fabric Studio ruler (thank you Jodie!!) next to the smallest Dumpling, which measures just under 4 inches!!  Please note the FMQ on the little bitty Dumpling!  Only 20 more to go!

I'm thinkin that'll be good for all the girls who are dieting still....they'll only get 3-4 truffles.....and the bigger ones I think will hold 5-6 truffles.

Still have to figure out a miniature shaving kit bag for the boys.  My friend, Laura, gave me a pair of jeans to work with.  Of course, those won't be full size because it's going to hold Valentine's truffles!!  OK, so it's a miniature shaving bag....

Hannah's Tote

I've also been busy making a very cool birthday gift for Hannah Banana, my granddaughter who just turned 6 years old.  Hannah emulates her older sister, Nadia, so I thought what better than a customized bag to carry her "girly" stuff in (her Nook, her coloring book and crayons, etc.)

I made this quilted bag and used a photograph of Hannah that was taken just a couple of weeks ago when I visited Chandler, AZ.  We all went to dinner at YC's Mongolian Grill  in Tempe (which is a great place to eat if you get a chance to visit the Phoenix area).  They have a cutout right at the front door and this is Hannah with her little face through the cutout.  Her dad took the picture, so I transferred it to fabric and quilted it right into the bag.

Valentine's Tote
Hannah's bag and one I recently finished for myself were both taken from Elizabeth Hartman's Oh Fransson!  free pattern.
I just really was in the mood for something Valentine-ish and bright red and pink.  I think I hit the mark.....

One thing I love about this tote is not only is it really easy to make, but it's easily customize-able.  On the next one I'm making (in blues and greens for spring) I've already inserted a customized sized pocket for my Smart's handy to find when it starts ringing and should have been shut off.....I don't have to dig through my bag.....

I've also recently finished my first purse from Chris W Designs.  This design is called "Bella" and it's got pockets, lined zippered pouches inside with a couple of elasticized pockets on the ends on the outside.  Grommets, snap hooks, magnetic snaps and snap's a purse hardware lover's dream.  I'll definitely be trying this one again....but I love purple.  And I think it's a winner.

So that's it for now, in Kingman, AZ.  Just keeping warm and looking forward to Spring!!!

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