Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Coolest Little Tool I've Ever Made....

I was surfing around the 'net yesterday and I checked out Elizabeth Hartman's Oh, Fransson! site, which is one of my regular stops.  I found this Weighted Pincushion Organizer that Elizabeth shared out at "Sew, Mama, Sew" website.  Now I've been quilting just over a year, but have many a year general sewing experience behind me.  When I used to sew clothes, I always used a wrist pincushion, but since I've transitioned to quilting, I've purchased a couple of pincushions from some AZ quilt shows.  But I have to say, this is, by far, the coolest little tool I've made next to my three-scissor case from Angie Padilla.  (I purchased an annual membership to Angie's site and it's well worth every penny I paid!  I've gotten so many patterns from her site, I couldn't begin to show you all of them!)  Anyway, back to the weighted pincushion organizer.  It took about 1.5 hours total from start to finish and already I love, love, love this tool:

Here's the Weighted Pincushion Organizer with the scrap bag attached.

You can see I've already been using the little scrap bag.  I've relocated all my pins from my tiny pincushion that I constantly knocked off the side of my machine table into the rice-filled pin cushion.

The Organizer with the scrap back taken off - look how brilliantly my seam ripper, tweezers, thread snips and bodkin fit!!  This thing is de bom!!

So I made myself this little gift, but I also finally finished my little gifts for my favorite girls that I work with at church and from the Tea Board:

I made the Tipsy Snowman little wall hangers for Ginny, Rita, Sally and Sandra:
Cute, Cute Cute!!
And a cowboy style tea-towel for Candy (this will fit her decor phenomenally):
Adapted from Jill Finley's "Home Sweet Quilt" "Cherry Lemonade" pattern
A tall & skinny Christmas Tree for Misty:
She's only getting 1 of these.....
And lastly, a beautiful tea towel for Robin - I think this will go nicely in her kitchen!!  I've decided on the one with the cherries....

Cherry Lemonade pattern from Jill Finley
and check out the detail on those cherries:
A little piecing, a little embroidery and some machine applique - a complete gift!!
So, now all that's left is the wrapping and tagging.  Then it's off tomorrow night for a little Christmas Eve service at church and some gift favorite part!!

Merry Christmas!! (And most importantly, Happy Birthday, Jesus!)


  1. Your little gifts are wonderful (and I will save them for future reference!!! And.....amen!....Happy Birthday Jesus!

    1. Thanks Treadle - I have to share one more very cool tool I found this week - I'm headed off to retreat end of Feb. and space is always such an issue. It's a UFO retreat, so I'll keep my stuff compact - pressing is always one of my bug-a-boos and there's never enough room for pressing boards and such - but check out this TV table pressing tray: (copy & paste this link)

      This is on my agenda for Friday this week. I got a new staple gun for Christmas from my DH (he's so practical...) Anyway, I wanted to share this out with you.