Wednesday, August 8, 2012

What's New??

That Leah Day!  She's always got something very cool up her sleeve.  Painting on a quilt!  I wish I had that kind of hutzpah!  And congratulations on being published out on Craftsy - that's one of my very favorite sites.  I've actually signed up for a class painting a calla lilly on fabric, but haven't actually done the project.....the best part, I'll always have access to the online tutorial after I registered/paid for the class.  Congrats, Leah - 

I've had my nose buried recently in the latest issue of Quilting Arts mag checking out some of the techniques used on some of the art quilts inside the publication.

I did come up for air long enough to start some FMQ on my 4th of July Table Runner that hasn't quite made it to the "completed" side of the closet.
Overall FMQ designs

"Branches" in verigated thread

"Flourishes" (my own unique design)
Here are a couple of pics of Branches and a pattern I'd like to call "Flourishes".  I couldn't find anything exactly like it in Leah's "365 FMQ Guide", but this was my result after watching "Cucumber Vines", then moving to the sewing room to give it a try.  I did, however, pick up on the "Woven Lines" pattern from Day 252 in Leah's book.  About another 4-5 hours to finish this "Woven Lines" on the perimeter of the Table Runner.

I'm also in the midst of working on my "Challenge" quilt from the Kingman Quilter's Guild - for a cost of $2 we received almost a fat quarter of a blue batik.  Other than the fabric having to be present and identifiable in the quilt and overall size 20" per side or less,  there are no other limitations on techniques, etc. that can be used. 

The right side is not yet complete and the frog's missing 2 back feet, but let me share this new technique I was so focused on in the Quilting Arts mag - the large VOTE button on the bottom left was printed on fabric run through my printer, then color set.  So I cut it out, and filled it kind of trapunto style and appliqued it to my quilt!

I have another work in progress using the same photo on fabric technique.  The following picture is printed on 8.5 x 11 EQ photo fabric - it's a picture of hands, folded and waiting patiently.  These are the hands of Dr. Peter Magnus, a friend of mine who passed away in March of this year.  This photo was taken by his son only hours before he passed away.  I will be appliqueing this in the center of a whole cloth, then thread painting detail like fingernails, knuckles, wrinkles, etc. to give it depth and dimension.  Peter was an Oregon Ducks fan, so I'll be using OD Fan fabric to back the quilt.  I hope to have a lot more progress on this at next week's post.  It's a gift for his wife of 37 years, Anne Marie.

Lastly, I've been working on handwork in the afternoons as the monsoons roll through.  These are 8x8 squares of background fabric and each houses one of twelve hand appliqued "Asian Teapots" from Angie Padilla's online website.  I hope to have this completed by next post as well.

Quite a labor of love, these little tea pots, with all their detail and funny shaped handles and teacups!

I've been shown a couple of other methods of applique (like needle turn and some wet the toothpick and roll around the edge) but I still find Jennifer Bosworth's method of starch, iron and glue works best for me.

Of course, I'll give the other techniques a try again, but for now, it's all about my pressing board, bowl of starch, craft iron and stiletto tools.

I like the results.

Quilt on, Sistas -

Kingman Quilter


  1. You are really busy! Your FMQ all looks great! Good luck getting everything finished! -Jeanne

  2. Beautiful teapots. I like your quilting.

  3. Your "to be completed" list is a 'healthy'/challenging one! I really need a list of some sort as I haven't been near my machine in a while (other than altering some summer clothes I purchased recently on clearance!). Your work is lovely and those teapots are real charmers!!

  4. Wow! You've got a lot of projects! I love the leap year vote project! Cool idea how you did the button to make it pop out!

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