Friday, June 29, 2012

Wonky, Baby

I found this quilt on on Faith from Chicago's site, Fresh Lemons Quilts in spring and I just couldn't resist.  While I didn't have a pattern, I did use the links Faith provided on her site.

I also went a little nutty on the FMQ - I zippled the sashing areas and loopy-ed the white areas on the 12" blocks. 

Wonky block!

Wonky block with loopy filler design in the center

Liberated Churn Dash with loopy filler design

Wonky block in a block with loopy filler design
Wonky, Baby!
Wonky was a bit more challenging than I had originally anticipated, but I love the outcome.  It's bright, and will surely get the baby's attention.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Exercise in Circuit Board

Lyn Brown's Next Generation pattern - opportunity for plenty of circuit boarding.  This is a project I finished about 6 weeks ago, but it took over a week to complete the circuit board pattern in the center of the quilt. 

Next Generation

Circuit board in the center section

Outermost Border with Larger Circuit Board Design
Learning point on this project - keep the space at least 1/2" wide between "circuits" - otherwise the project becomes almost overwhelmin

Friday, June 1, 2012

Last Vacation Post

It's June 1st - forecast is 102 in Kingman today at 4PM......smokin'!

After last week's foil phenom, I went to the community quilters' guild the following day.  The ladies were excited about the foiling process, so I'm hosting June's guild at my house and we're going to foil things.....fabric, glass, wood, whatever the girls bring, we're gonna foil!  I'll post after the VV Quilters Guild meeting with techniques, projects, etc.

This week has been a plethora of holiday projects and some just plain fun stuff. I finished the Tall Trees.....

Two Tall Trees
One is FMQ'd with Leah Day's "train track" stipple patten
The other is FMQ'd in a loop pattern and foiled glue dots look like 3D ornaments

Learning point - just shoot me in the head rather than FMQ using metallic thread.  After my tension adjustment on the first tree, I had so many eyelashes on the backside, it looked like Christmas garland.  But, I picked it all out and re-adjusted my tension and re-FMQ'd it.

Next project was Just for Fun - it's Angie Padilla's 3-Pocket Scissor case.  It carries large, medium and small scissors and has a velcro closure it.  This was sweet, easy and fun to make - plus I now have a great little carrying case for my scissors!  No FMQ on here, but I will on the next one!

Angie Padilla's 3-Pocket Scissor case
My "Ol' Glory" rendition
Lastly, I credit Jen Bosworth Old Glory design from Shabby Fabrics for the inspiration for this table runner.  After I finish sewing ric-rac on the flags, I'll embroider the flagposts, add the backing & batting and FMQ.

I just can't get away from that foiling!  I really like that technique -
Foiling used on the firework and the drum

I also purchased and downloaded Leah Day's "365 Free Motion Quilting Designs" book this week.  I want to say every free motion quilter needs this fabulous book in her arsenal of FMQ tools!  While I've perused Leah's website on numerous occasions looking for filler designs, this book really opens up one's mind to many, many new designs.  This is, without a doubt, my best purchase of 2012!  Thank you Leah Day!