Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Summer Project #1

Since we completed the wholecloth quilt project, I've maintained an interest for that project.  While in northern California, my mom gave me some wholecloth quilt patterns that she'd had stashed  in her closet.  The artist is Jill Schumache rof

Anyway, I've also recently found the "foiling" technique and I really like the way foiling adheres to fabric!  It's soft, flexible and can even be washed on delicate cycle in the washing machine.  I actually dried two of these wholecloths in the drier (on low) and they came out just fine.

My attempt was to create four season wall hangings, but here's the catch.  I used the wholecloth patterns and embellished with a center pattern for 3 of the 4 quilts.  (More details about patterns/artists below.)  But, I tried some different techniques for my actual quilting also.  Each wholecloth has a different pattern used on it and two of the three have two layers of quilting; the first in white, the second (and sometimes third) in color.  Here's the results with a bit more detail:

Here's an overview of the 4 wholecloth quilts; they're about 25x25 each
"Spring" has a feather motif in each corner.  I used a Cindy Needham pattern for the basket of flowers in the center of the wholecloth.  The open areas are stippled in white, then stippled again with a purple border and green surrounding the basket
I used a rubber stamp for the dragonfly, painting it with adhesive and allowing it to dry then foiling the body and wings.  I really like the way the stitching shows under the foil.  Each of the petals and the basket were stitched prior to foiling.
"Summer" was embellished with a freehand sunflower in the center, then each of the "leaves" was veined using a green thread. 
The center of the flower was foiled, then I did some threadplay over the top of the foiling.  I outlined the flower and again outside the floral motif with more zippling that reminded me of sunflower petals.
"Fall" is this beautiful wholecloth with a sugar maple leaf motif done in the center.  I mixed foil colors and then used a leaf rubber stamp randomly on the outside of the motif.
Here's a closeup of the sugar maple leaf in the center with threadplay for the veins in the leaf.  I also stitched the wholecloth open hearts in green and closed hearts in a burgundy thread.
"Winter" was simply a symmetrical wholecloth pattern that I chose to foil the centers of each intersection.  I plan on going back and embellishing the wholecloth with a silver thread to pick up more of the quilting on this.  So, more to follow as soon as I finish it.

Then, each one needs to have binding added and I have a special place on a specific wall in my sewing room where each will be hung seasonally.


  1. That is so interesting!! I hope more info is forthcoming..... will be watching!! Awesome process, can see so many possibilities!

  2. I am so amazed that this can even be done! It is just so beautiful! Love it!

  3. I LOVE the addition of foil to a wholecloth! So clever!