Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Wholecloth Quilt & Some Circuit Board FMQ

Lesson Learned this week -
 don't use "Disappearing" pen on a project last week for something you're going to sew/quilt this week.  After reading numerous online posts, I was of the thought that I would have problems getting rid of the purple "Disappearing" lines.  When I went to get it layered with batting and backing THERE WERE NO LINES on my wholecloth quilt!!  It must have something to do with dry AZ air.....

So, this week's project - Leah's great FREE pattern, Heart & Feather (thanks, Leah).  I wanted a monochromatic affect so I used a green thread on green small print fabric.  I'm pleased with the progress thus far.  I have only the outermost micro stipple to complete.

Heart & Feather Wholecloth Quilt
I thought it would be a nice Celtic-like pattern for a St. Patrick's Day project.  I have one more wholecloth that's green on white, opposite of this piece.  I thought they'd make beautiful pillows.  Not that I have a couch or anything to match but a seasonal accent or something.

And lastly, "Next Generation" quilt is work in process with FMQ in Leah's "Circuit Board" pattern.
Circuit Board Pattern
This quilt is huge (for me) at 86 x 79; I'm almost half done.  It's a slow process though -  see how tiny that pattern is?  But already I really like it.  I prewashed the batting before I layered it, so hoping for little to no shrinkage when washed.  Results to follow.

Off to Fresno - my mom is heading up the San Joaquin Valley, "Springtime in the Valley" quilt show this weekend. I'll have cool pics to share - she said there's a number of ART quilts, which are my favorite!!!

Quilt on, sisters!


  1. Your stitching on the wholecloth quilt looks great! The design shows up quite clearly even with the coordinating colour thread.

  2. Awesome job on the whole cloth quilt. I also really like your circuit board quilting.

  3. Your wholecloth and the circuit board quilt both look great. But I'm thinking that the smaller the FMQ scale is the longer it takes to get the quilt finished. We definitely need patients. I sometimes get tired. Need to build patients for quilting large quilts and small scales.

  4. I agree with everyone else, what a awesome job you have done on the wholecloth and I LOVE the color. I also live in AZ, and the purple pen does disappear quickly in the summer, seems to last longer in the winter. Have a great day and Happy Quilting! Karen

  5. Your stitching looks perfect!! Very nice! I once marked a whole quilt with one of those purple markers and a week later I had no marks. I don't use them any more!

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