Sunday, March 25, 2012

Springtime in the Valley (San Joaquin Valley Quilters' Guild)

Wow!  Over 300 quilts on display at this quilt show this weekend.  Here's a random sampling of just a few I saw....
Spiral Galaxies - Viewer's Choice Winner - Wall Hanging

Art Quilt - Grizzly - this piece was beautiful!

Another Great Wall Hanging

Whale's Tail - I wish you could see the crystal beading on this piece - it looks just like water dripping from the tail!

Just another exemplary example of quilting

Selvage Tree - how clever is this?

One of the Tribute Quilts in the Tina Cox Memorial area - she was a gorgeous quilter!

Another Beautiful Sample....

From SJVQG Applique Society - Stunning!

Another Memorial Display - Dee Beebe - this challenge quilt had 8 ladies participating - ya think they communicated or what?
Best quilt show I've ever seen, bar none!

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  1. Wow! Those quilts are all so unique at beautiful.