Sunday, March 25, 2012

Springtime in the Valley (San Joaquin Valley Quilters' Guild)

Wow!  Over 300 quilts on display at this quilt show this weekend.  Here's a random sampling of just a few I saw....
Spiral Galaxies - Viewer's Choice Winner - Wall Hanging

Art Quilt - Grizzly - this piece was beautiful!

Another Great Wall Hanging

Whale's Tail - I wish you could see the crystal beading on this piece - it looks just like water dripping from the tail!

Just another exemplary example of quilting

Selvage Tree - how clever is this?

One of the Tribute Quilts in the Tina Cox Memorial area - she was a gorgeous quilter!

Another Beautiful Sample....

From SJVQG Applique Society - Stunning!

Another Memorial Display - Dee Beebe - this challenge quilt had 8 ladies participating - ya think they communicated or what?
Best quilt show I've ever seen, bar none!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Wholecloth Quilt & Some Circuit Board FMQ

Lesson Learned this week -
 don't use "Disappearing" pen on a project last week for something you're going to sew/quilt this week.  After reading numerous online posts, I was of the thought that I would have problems getting rid of the purple "Disappearing" lines.  When I went to get it layered with batting and backing THERE WERE NO LINES on my wholecloth quilt!!  It must have something to do with dry AZ air.....

So, this week's project - Leah's great FREE pattern, Heart & Feather (thanks, Leah).  I wanted a monochromatic affect so I used a green thread on green small print fabric.  I'm pleased with the progress thus far.  I have only the outermost micro stipple to complete.

Heart & Feather Wholecloth Quilt
I thought it would be a nice Celtic-like pattern for a St. Patrick's Day project.  I have one more wholecloth that's green on white, opposite of this piece.  I thought they'd make beautiful pillows.  Not that I have a couch or anything to match but a seasonal accent or something.

And lastly, "Next Generation" quilt is work in process with FMQ in Leah's "Circuit Board" pattern.
Circuit Board Pattern
This quilt is huge (for me) at 86 x 79; I'm almost half done.  It's a slow process though -  see how tiny that pattern is?  But already I really like it.  I prewashed the batting before I layered it, so hoping for little to no shrinkage when washed.  Results to follow.

Off to Fresno - my mom is heading up the San Joaquin Valley, "Springtime in the Valley" quilt show this weekend. I'll have cool pics to share - she said there's a number of ART quilts, which are my favorite!!!

Quilt on, sisters!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Easter & St. Patrick's Day Projects

I'm getting readyfor the wholecloth quilting project and preparing my fabric. 

Over the past week, I completed my "Love in Bloom" quilt and I've been working on Easter and St. Patrick's day projects.  The new sewing machine has added ease of sewing and expanded my creativity repertoire.

Love in Bloom - after binding & washing
FMQ Hearts & Echoes after washing
My favorite blocks on the quilt

New Table Runner for my Daughter
"Egg Create" background
Handwork on the Border
Exchange Blocks for quilter's guild next week
Another Easter Table Runner

Using the Scalloped Background again....

and some FMQ Bunnies on this border
All in all, it was a productive week.  The new project is FMQ for "Next Generation" quilt, which I've decided to do in geometric shapes.
Next Generation Quilt Top
and of course, anxiously awaiting the whole cloth quilt project.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

It's Spring in Kingman!

Well, I just finished hard pruning all the rose bushes and the butterfly bush.  The backyard is totally in bloom!
The Almond Tree in Bloom

Close Up of Almond Blossoms (they smell so sweet!!)

Apricots a Plenty this Season!

Peach Blossoms Just Startin' to Peek Through
Asian Pear (has never had fruit, just plenty of buds)

Asian Pear Up Close (these blossoms STINK!)

Narcissus in Bloom
 So, as you can see, we're ready for spring NOW!  It's supposed to be in the 70s starting Saturday......I thought for sure these blossoms would fall off the tree; wind yesterday was 65 MPH out here in dunderland......