Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My First Large Quilt on the New Machine!!

Posting pics of my FMQ effort this week on my "Love in Bloom" quilt!

I used Leah's methodology of quadrant quilting, which worked exceptionally well on this quilt.  (This is my first quilt I've completely machine quilted using FMQ techniques taught by Leah.  The new machine has a large enough harp to easily accommodate a large quilt.  Thanks, Leah, for your tips & teachings. )

Hearts & Echoes


More FMQ Hearts & Echoes
I'm very impressed with the Janome 7700's capabilities.

I might also offer this tip - I gave up the chair in front of my sewing machine over 3 months ago.  I sit on my giant exercise ball, which allows my butt to swivel while I sew and quilt.  All my backaches, shoulder aches, and related issues have disappeared as well as increasing the time I spend in front of the machine.  I'm just sayin....
I am rethinking the placement of my Ott light and am considering moving it to the right of the machine.  It did get in the way of this larger quilt at times.


  1. Congrats on your new machine. Your quilting looks great!

  2. What gorgeous quilting! Your quilt is very pretty. I'll have to try sitting on my exercise ball - never thought of that. Enjoy your new machine! ~Jeanne

  3. Glad you're enjoying your new machine. I'm finding that the larger harp is making quilting much easier.

  4. Nice quilting - and great tip! I'll have to look to get one of those balls. They had a new bike at the gym that was wonderful - sit on ball like this while pedaling. Very comfortable!

  5. Beautiful quilting! I'm curious, what sewing table are you using that fits your machine so well?

  6. It's the Janome table made for the 7700. It was well worth the investment Pat.

  7. Your quilt looks beautiful and I love your sewing space. Nice arrangement. I need to get one of those exercise balls :-).