Thursday, February 2, 2012

First Completed FMQ Project!

I've been practicing my FMQ skills for about 2 months now after watching various Leah Day tutorials on the  At first, every time I sat down with my 12" black batted square, my blood pressure went up and I broke into a cold sweat.  After many 12" practice squares, I became fairly comfortable with that format.

However.....when I loaded this project onto my sewing machine, the same symptoms reappeared...but after 3 squares, I was "in the groove".  I even created a couple of designs of my own!  I've also found that by sitting on my big blue exercise ball to FMQ my back doesn't tire and I can swivel my body to stretch my back while quilting.  It also gives me about another 1" of height above my machine over the chair I was using.

The pattern is "For My Valentine" table runner by Shabby Fabrics (Jennifer Bosworth) in Spokane, WA.  Her designs are fresh and slightly challenging.  But well worth the time and effort.

My own design...
Triangles & echoes
Circles & swirls
Hearts & curliques
Hearts & echoes
Chain of hearts
And now, for the finished project.... (with my toes included)  Ta-Dah!


  1. Your FMQ looks great. Not sure whether I misunderstood but if you have only been doing this for 2 months, that is pretty impressive. Love the table runner.

    1. Hi Karin - yep, I've only been doing this for 2 months. I sewed a LOT as a teenager and my mom was an instructor for "Stretch & Sew" (I'm dating myself, I'm sure). I made T-shirts for my husband and son, a few dresses for my daughter about 30 years ago. But only last October I pulled out my $100 Brother and got busy. So, I've been sewing again since October, found Leah Day early December and started practicing! I appreciate your kind comments (blush).

  2. Oh it looks beautiful, and so timely for February! Nice job

  3. Fabulous job! After you remember to breath, it's a lot of fun!

    1. The breathing comment is SO true! Just breathe....

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    1. I appreciate your kind comments, June! Thanks!