Sunday, February 12, 2012

Final Valentine's Day Project - and Lessons Learned

This is my final Valentine's Day project; I made 3 candle mats/pot holders that I plan on using for place cards at a Monday night dinner.

Lessons learned this week were painful ones.  First, I learned that when you're in a class, don't ask anyone except the teacher for help.....sometimes what you get from others isn't exactly correct.

Next lesson - my machine really got funky on Saturday afternoon; in fact, it was so bad (bird nesting and I heard metal on metal from the bobbin case) I immediately took it into the local sewing machine man (about 20 miles from my house).  Fortunately, he straightened out the issue on the spot.  And also advised me the Singer bobbins I'd been using in conjunction with the latest new needle I put on the machine were likely the culprits of my issue.  He asked me, "Do you hear a ticky-ticky-ticky sound from your bobbin housing when you sew?"  Of course, I replied, "All the time!"  So, he informed me the Singer bobbin was too small for the housing.  He GAVE me 6 Elna bobbins, which (my machine is a Brother) still aren't correct, but are a heck of a lot closer to fitting the bobbin case than the ones I previously used.  (I ordered 50 new brother bobbins today online!)  So, add one more variable to be checked when FMQ goes haywire.....and now for the finished products:

3 little gems; one for Peggy, one for Sandie and one for AnneMarie

Stippling is getting more even!  Improvement!!  Woot!  Woot! 
So, done with Valentine's Day - on to....who knows?

Quilt on........


  1. Your quilting looks great. I love the quilted hearts around the outside of the center heart.

  2. Your projects are adorable! The quilting looks great! Somehow, I need to get o your gift list!!! ~Jeanne

  3. Love your quilted heart. It's just beautiful.
    I started one valentine's day project yesterday ;), can image how early I'm....may be I will finish it for next year :-)

  4. Love your pot holders - so pretty, and the stippling is great!

  5. Love those pot holders!!! What a great idea. Your stippling looks awesome!