Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentine's Table Runner - Another Lesson Learned

Leah Day - Congratulations on you article published in "Quilters Newsletter".  Great article!

Completed this table runner yesterday.

There always seems to be a lesson learned when I FMQ.  This table runner used 10" hearts appliqued to 12" squares.  The hearts were appliqued first, then I added batting and backing.  I FMQ the hearts before the background working from the center out.  As I FMQ the background on one of the ends of the runner, I noted some "bagging" almost like the background fabric had stretched.  So, I ripped all the swirls out, then discovered to my dismay, I hadn't pulled the fabric tight when I FMQ'd the heart, thus the background gapped.  I'm thinking wash in some really hot water and dry it - hope it will obfuscate the problem.
Completed Table Runner

See that nasty little "baggage" in the lower left side?
I have 2 more small projects to FMQ tomorrow.  I'm certainly enjoying it much more than when I first began FMQ.


  1. Looks fantastic - and I can't see this baggage you are talking about ? That's brilliant quilting - I love the wee hearts coming down the sashing. So even!

  2. I'm enjoying FMQ more too - Leah takes the perfectionism out of it!

  3. Sorry, can't see the baggage - LOL. Doing great with your FMQ.