Friday, February 17, 2012

and Gardening Too!

I have a friend, Beth, who's had a hothouse in her backyard for quite some time.  When she initially got it, she was disappointed because the big black tubs began folding in half in the frames.  Mind you, it gets exceptionally hot here in AZ during the summer, which I thought was likely the culprit.  But the manufacturer informed her she needed to completely fill the tubs with soil to ensure they wouldn't collapse.

So, this past November/December we decided to give the hothouse a try.  We re-energized the existing soil and added new soil where needed.  The results have been spectacular!  We even have peas that have begun to sprout and climb on their trellis.  We've cut and cut and cut lettuce and have now begun supplying Valle Vista friends with fresh lettuce and spinach:

Our First Crop of Lettuce - Very Abundant!


Spring Onions and Beets ... nom nom nom!

Kale!  Chock Full of Calcium!

Nantese Carrots- Yummy!

Peas, Glorious Peas!

Baby Cukes & Squashes

A Hint of Spring on Beth's Plum Tree!!

One of Beth's First Daffodils....this Girl has Hundreds of Daffodils!
So many things to do - so little time!


  1. You're amazing! I love it! So when does farmer Shirley make rounds in Chandler? ;)

  2. When does farmer Shirley make it to Fresno. I would like some of the vegies.