Friday, October 25, 2013

Blogger's Quilt Festival

Ohhhh, it's the Fall 2013 Blogger's Quilt Festival time again.  Thank you Amy Ellis for all your hard work getting this launched and put together.

 It was difficult this year to pick the category that I wanted to enter, but there's a very special group of quilters that are close to my heart - the Valle Vista Quilters group.  We are primarily a subset of the Kingman Quilters Guild, but do have some who join us who are not members of the guild.

I'm selecting the category Favorite Group/Bee Quilt because this year our Valle Vista Quilters created 4 quilt tops for the Kingman Quilters Guild Quilt of Valor celebration in November.  Each year our guild presents to wounded warriors in Mohave County.  This year, I was asked to quilt one of the beautiful tops that was pieced by our group. 
Snow Ball Quilt Top with Rows of Appliqued Stars

The snow balls were each made individually by our quilters and were assembled into this uniquely designed quilt top.
Quilt Motif of a Waving US Flag with a Border of Feathers
 The quilting
The border uses the same verigated
thread in a feathered border
The red stripes are filled with paisleys
The field of stars emulate  the size and shape of the applique'd stars

Jo was our co-ordinator.  She laid out the snow balls and presented each of us with a strip to sew, then laid out the strips and sashing and appliqued rows driving the effort to assemble the quilt tops.

Lastly Margie created labels for the quilts that include each and every name of the participants from Valle Vista who helped with the quilts.

Fun, fun time with projects that help show our appreciation for quilting and for those who served in our military.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Smithsonian Journey Stories - and Kingman Quilters Guild Exhibit

The doors opened Saturday afternoon, September 28th and Kingman Quilters Guild was ready to go!  We spent the morning putting up our kiosk displays for the Smithsonian Journey Stories exhibit joined by the Arizona Humanities Council.  The Exhibit is at the Mohave Museum of Arts & History.
My kiosk is "Decorative Arts" covering the period of 1850 to 1920.  This was an era in America that began with survival and ended in affluence.  The latter part of this era ran parallel with the Industrial Revolution, which allowed the well to do American women (the Victorian women, to be exact) to spend time developing "master quilts" that exhibited fine fabrics as well as stitching talents.

1880s crazy quilt made by Dr. Paul Acer's great grandmother

Crazy quilt jacket (left) by Bonner Maxfield and crazy
quilt by Kornelia Hambley - both members of KQG

Crazy quilt loaned by Jan Ellwood.  Purchased in Goldfield, NV

Crazy quilt (top) by Karin Goudy.  Antique framed portion of crazy quilt
from Nancy Hilton and 4-square crazy quilt loaned by Jan Ellwood.

1880s crazy quilt made by Nancy Hilton's mother in law in Rural Retreat, VA

Beautiful embroidered album quilt loaned by Jean Johnston.  Made in 1933.

(Top) Cross stitch embroidered quilt made by Nancy Hilton's mother-in-law
and (bottom) crazy quilted table runner loaned by another KQG member.
The quilt show runs through October 11th and displays other kiosks including:
  •  Folklore
  • Album Quilts
  • War Quilts
  • Depression era quilts
  • Pioneer Quilts
  • Contemporary quilts
Be sure to check the Smithsonian Museum on Main Street tour schedule to see if there's a display coming to your area.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Something Cool in Kingman....

I've spent some of my quilting time of late working on other projects, some for me  and some helping  others.  My world is the computer.....virtually and literally.  It's my comfort zone, my go-to activity when I need to do something I know.  Although often a source of intense frustration, I appreciate its succinct need to have things in order and just so.  (I digress.)   Getting to the point, I built another website in the past month - Kingman Quilters' Guild for my stitchin' sistas.

Let me bring you up to date - Kingman, AZ was chosen by the Smithsonian exhibit group to house "Journey Stories", a collaborative exhibit between the Smithsonian Institute and Arizona Humanities Council, where stories are told about immigration, transportation, migration and the memories of the journey to get "there".

Locomotive Park, Kingman, AZ
The Mother Road
Our local quilters' guild, Kingman Quilters' Guild, was chosen to participate likely because transportation is a secondary theme of the exhibit.  Not only does Kingman have a strong history in railroad, but Historic Route 66, The Mother Road, runs directly through our city.  Our city was established in the early 1880s by Lewis Kingman who located the route of the Santa Fe Railway. Kingman is also the county seat for Mohave County.  And, of course, The Mother Road - what more needs to be said.  We're a mecca of transportation!  And a local, centralized hub of extremely gifted and experienced quilters.

So, while this wonderful exhibit is coming to Kingman, and our local quilters' guild without a website to toot the horn, I received approval from the guild members to launch a website on their behalf.  With a great team of wanna-be-webbies, the site is now in soft launch mode. 

From September 28th through October 10th Kingman Quilters' Guild will be having a quilt exhibit rather than our regularly scheduled quilt show.  Quilts will be housed at the Mohave Museum of History and Arts, 400 W. Beale St., Kingman, AZ.  We will have three exceptional display areas that include a tribute to the various eras of quilting, an exhibit of members' personal journey quilts and our story of transportation.

The eras of quilting is close to my heart as I'm chairing the Decorative Arts quilt display.  I actually have a quilt in my display on loan from one of our members that was made in 1890!!  Can you imagine?  That's before my grandma was born!!  It's a lovely display of crazy
Nancy H's 1890s quilt
, the primary quilting style of the Decorative Arts era.  Other eras include Pioneer, Depression, War, Folk Art, Album and Contemporary.  It's quite an array of history and talent all bundled into the museum display.

It boggles my mind to think of the conditions under which some of these early quilts were produced.  Remember, there was no electrical lighting prior to the early 1900s, so these loving pieces of history were produced by busy hands during daylight hours after the chores and daily routines were done.  Incredible....

Just yesterday, my sista Sally asked if I'd do an interview on KGPS 98.7 (Kingman's God Praising Station) radio within the next couple weeks to highlight the upcoming exhibit.  Hopefully I'll have time to publish the details and you can tune in (either locally or via the internet) to hear all the details!    Frankly, I can't wait - 'cause "the girls" (Amy & Jamie) are just a hoot!  And they both just crack me up.

Karin's Crazy Quilt
If you happen to be in the Kingman area in late September or early
October and you have an inkling of interest in quilting, stitching, sewing, etc. stop in and take a peek.  If not, check out the Smithsonian Journey Stories Tour schedule.....maybe they're coming to a city near you!!

And for now - stitch on!!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

WOW! It's been a while....

Since my last post in February, it's been a whirlwind of activity
  • a broken ankle on a hike down in a canyon with a 3 mile hike out (I can't locate the picture, but it was kinda gross anyway)
  • a  kitchen remodel complete with dust throughout the entire house
From this...

To this....
  • a redesign of my sewing room with full length mirror doors on a closet that houses a gigantic new shelf for storage and now a brand new cutting table custom built to my design (still needing painting)

  •  a teaching in Havasu at Material Obsession for Jill Finley's Holiday Pillow
Material Obsession - cutting snowy rooftops in 123 degree heat!!
And now it's almost August - we've had plenty of monsoon rain
the last few days here in Valle Vista just outside of Kingman.  In fact, it rained so much it flooded out the pack rat who moved from under our gazebo up to the porch.
He thought he'd found a new summer home, but it didn't last; yesterday I cleaned out his rat's nest and then DH took care of the ratinsky....

Here was my sewing room during the remodel:
but things are back to normal now.  And here are some of the projects I've been working on...
Quilt of Valor for 2013 Presentation (One-Block Wonder pattern) which is going to Stephanie, the Hualapai Quilter, for quilting
Jill Finley's Home Sweet Quilt
Quilt-as-You-Go class by Joan Burtrum
Lori Holt's "Row-Along" online quilt
Nadia's bag & body pillow for her camp venture
Hannah's body pillow, too!!
Amy Gibson's BOM - May SugarBlock

Amy Gibson's BOM - July SugarBlock (left wrong, right correct)

Amy Gibson's BOM - June SugarBlock
Label for Lori Holt's Bee-in-my-Bonnet Row-Along
 So now that my sewing room's almost back to normal, I've been able to get a few of these things (almost) finished.

Monday, February 25, 2013

UFO Camp - 2013 - Laughlin, NV

This past weekend was some kinda fun!!!  Kim Pebley from Havasu Quilts along with Jeanette Kennedy from Sew What  put on a UFO Camp this past weekend at the River Palms Resort in Laughlin, NV.  Let me just say it was TOO MUCH FUN.

There were 70+ women with sewing machines, projects, and snacks a-plenty all spread out over 4 joined meeting rooms.  The BEST quilting camp I've been to yet.

Cleverly, Kim organized a "room hop" with 6 different individuals and their select quilting groups.  On Friday night, we were given the room numbers and our designated arrival times for each room.  There was 50s Sock Hop, the Hospice Hotties of Havasu, Quilting Queens Timex 6 (or Q2X6), Stop by for a Shot (ahhh, yeah - Jell-o Shooters, baby!), UFOs and Happy Easter.  These girls cleverly decorated their rooms by theme, provided each of us a sheet for the mystery quilt project along with tasty snacks, wonderful gifts and great hospitality.  On Sunday Kim provided the final piece we needed for our mystery quilt instructions....Kudos to all the girls for the time and effort they integrated into their Room Hop rooms!!

Just to show you how clever these girls were, here are a couple of snaps of Q2X6 room with the cutest wall hangings strewn throughout the room:

Unfortunately, I didn't get out my smart phone to take snaps in the other rooms.  Obviously I'm not as smart as my phone....but, of course, now all the innocent and guilty are protected!!

Here is a view on Friday night from our 21st floor room at the River Palms Resort on the Colorado river:
Here are the projects I completed at Camp:

Quilt as You Go style tote bag for my laptop

Small sampling of my 96 one-block-wonder blocks (thank you Jo W.)
And finally, just before dawn on Sunday morning a snap taken from our room.  Most of us stayed until 2PM and continued sewing on our various projects:
 Suffice it to say, we all had a wonderful time AND completed some UFO projects.  And a big thank you and Happy Birthday to my roomie, Margie!  And of course, all my Stitchin' Sistas - Jo, Linda, Helene, Kornelia, Pandi, Jackie, Connie K., Sharon T., Sharon H., Vicki, Barb, Sharon F., Bonnie and Judy - all from Kingman Quilters Guild!!

Stitch on, Sistas -till next camp!!!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

I {heart} Spring!!

We just went through a cold snap here in northern Arizona that just about froze me out!  The low here was 11 degrees (Fahrenheit, yes I said Fahrenheit) with a feels like temp of 0 (zero) degrees!!!  Hello!!! What's that all about??  That said, I needed a huge blog change....something springy!!  Makes me feel better.

Anyway, we're back in the cool, calm 40-50 degree weather during the day, but I'm just aching for Spring!  I have been working on a number of projects.  With Valentine's Day just around the corner, I wanted to create some sweet little Dumplings and put a few Lindt Truffles inside each one for my  family and friends. 

Now, how cute are those?  I've put my cool little Fort Worth Fabric Studio ruler (thank you Jodie!!) next to the smallest Dumpling, which measures just under 4 inches!!  Please note the FMQ on the little bitty Dumpling!  Only 20 more to go!

I'm thinkin that'll be good for all the girls who are dieting still....they'll only get 3-4 truffles.....and the bigger ones I think will hold 5-6 truffles.

Still have to figure out a miniature shaving kit bag for the boys.  My friend, Laura, gave me a pair of jeans to work with.  Of course, those won't be full size because it's going to hold Valentine's truffles!!  OK, so it's a miniature shaving bag....

Hannah's Tote

I've also been busy making a very cool birthday gift for Hannah Banana, my granddaughter who just turned 6 years old.  Hannah emulates her older sister, Nadia, so I thought what better than a customized bag to carry her "girly" stuff in (her Nook, her coloring book and crayons, etc.)

I made this quilted bag and used a photograph of Hannah that was taken just a couple of weeks ago when I visited Chandler, AZ.  We all went to dinner at YC's Mongolian Grill  in Tempe (which is a great place to eat if you get a chance to visit the Phoenix area).  They have a cutout right at the front door and this is Hannah with her little face through the cutout.  Her dad took the picture, so I transferred it to fabric and quilted it right into the bag.

Valentine's Tote
Hannah's bag and one I recently finished for myself were both taken from Elizabeth Hartman's Oh Fransson!  free pattern.
I just really was in the mood for something Valentine-ish and bright red and pink.  I think I hit the mark.....

One thing I love about this tote is not only is it really easy to make, but it's easily customize-able.  On the next one I'm making (in blues and greens for spring) I've already inserted a customized sized pocket for my Smart's handy to find when it starts ringing and should have been shut off.....I don't have to dig through my bag.....

I've also recently finished my first purse from Chris W Designs.  This design is called "Bella" and it's got pockets, lined zippered pouches inside with a couple of elasticized pockets on the ends on the outside.  Grommets, snap hooks, magnetic snaps and snap's a purse hardware lover's dream.  I'll definitely be trying this one again....but I love purple.  And I think it's a winner.

So that's it for now, in Kingman, AZ.  Just keeping warm and looking forward to Spring!!!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Coolest Little Tool I've Ever Made....

I was surfing around the 'net yesterday and I checked out Elizabeth Hartman's Oh, Fransson! site, which is one of my regular stops.  I found this Weighted Pincushion Organizer that Elizabeth shared out at "Sew, Mama, Sew" website.  Now I've been quilting just over a year, but have many a year general sewing experience behind me.  When I used to sew clothes, I always used a wrist pincushion, but since I've transitioned to quilting, I've purchased a couple of pincushions from some AZ quilt shows.  But I have to say, this is, by far, the coolest little tool I've made next to my three-scissor case from Angie Padilla.  (I purchased an annual membership to Angie's site and it's well worth every penny I paid!  I've gotten so many patterns from her site, I couldn't begin to show you all of them!)  Anyway, back to the weighted pincushion organizer.  It took about 1.5 hours total from start to finish and already I love, love, love this tool:

Here's the Weighted Pincushion Organizer with the scrap bag attached.

You can see I've already been using the little scrap bag.  I've relocated all my pins from my tiny pincushion that I constantly knocked off the side of my machine table into the rice-filled pin cushion.

The Organizer with the scrap back taken off - look how brilliantly my seam ripper, tweezers, thread snips and bodkin fit!!  This thing is de bom!!

So I made myself this little gift, but I also finally finished my little gifts for my favorite girls that I work with at church and from the Tea Board:

I made the Tipsy Snowman little wall hangers for Ginny, Rita, Sally and Sandra:
Cute, Cute Cute!!
And a cowboy style tea-towel for Candy (this will fit her decor phenomenally):
Adapted from Jill Finley's "Home Sweet Quilt" "Cherry Lemonade" pattern
A tall & skinny Christmas Tree for Misty:
She's only getting 1 of these.....
And lastly, a beautiful tea towel for Robin - I think this will go nicely in her kitchen!!  I've decided on the one with the cherries....

Cherry Lemonade pattern from Jill Finley
and check out the detail on those cherries:
A little piecing, a little embroidery and some machine applique - a complete gift!!
So, now all that's left is the wrapping and tagging.  Then it's off tomorrow night for a little Christmas Eve service at church and some gift favorite part!!

Merry Christmas!! (And most importantly, Happy Birthday, Jesus!)